Beer of the month: Captain Swing 4.5% ABV

Captain Swing 4.5% ABV

Dark crystal malt base combined with a treble hop combo. Earthy & full bodied hop flavour

The serious stuff

Proof: 4.5%

Colour: Ruby

Comes in: Cask

Availability: Autumn/Winter

Great with: Pies (with chips, mash or crisps!)

Less seriously… It is the autumn of 1830 and near-anarchy terrorises Dorset. Panic-stricken landowners cower behind bolted doors while petrified landlords receive blood-chilling, anonymous letters. The search is on for the bandit leader – Captain Swing. You’ll be safe with this Ruby beer.



Rural Development Programme for England 2014 - 2020
  • Piddle’s Next phase
  • European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development
  • Grant to assist in the purchase of a bottling line
The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development:
Europe investing in rural areas
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